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ChengYang FengYu Bridge



ChengYang FengYu Bridge



Took first bus to LongSheng from PingAn, then LongSheng to SanJiang.


Some part of roads to SanJiang was closed, under construction. So bus dropped us at a river bank, then we took a ferry to the other side of river. Then again took a minivan to ChengYang, the Wind and Rain Bridage.


Road was pretty rough from SanJiang to ChengYang but bus drivers here are very skillful. Despite of bumpy roads, they still drove with full power on the edge of roads. Quite scary if you asked me. Everytime when I looked out of the window, I couldn't see roads but valleies.


We stayed at ChengYang Bridage Hostel recommended by Lonely Planet. Yes, Lonely Planet was our guidebook we used in China though there was a lots of information not up to date. Anyway the owner of hostel Mrs Wu was friendly. She didn't talk a lot but give us sufficient information when we raised a question. One thing I would like to mention this place is they recycle the waste water and save it in a bucket to flush the toliets later on. I like the idea of enviromental saving.


Wash our laundry in the river was a fun experience too. It's like back to the old time, like my grandma's generation.


At evening, we went to a culture show played by the Dong tribe. They call it LuSheng. I don't really know what it exactly means but my better guess is LuSheng is something refer to music or things they play with.

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